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Campus Community Resources

We invite our neighbors in the Upper Valley to connect with volunteers, programs, and services offered on Dartmouth's campus. Please visit the links below to identify resources that may be helpful to you or your agencies.

I am seeking resources in the area(s) of:


Consulting and Research




  General Student Assistance

  • Graduate Relief Team - Connects those in need to graduate students who can provide assistance. Contact.
  • Local Community Service - Connects over 1,000 undergraduate students to local community agencies with which they engage as volunteers. Contact.
  • Service Coordinators - Act as liaisons between the community and Dartmouth College, connecting Upper Valley individuals with appropriate resources on our campus.
  • Student Employment Office - Allows local non-profit agencies to hire Dartmouth students at subsidized rates through federal work-study program. Contact.


Health and Medicine



  • Assembly Outreach - Welcomes artists into local schools to provide free, enriching performances. Contact.
  • Dartmouth Music Hub - Facilitates learning, entertainment, and appreciation of the arts. Contact.
  • The Dermatones - Performs benefit concerts to support local charities. Contact.
  • The Hop Community Ticket Program - Offers discounted or free tickets to under-resourced communities. Contact.
  • The HopStop - Introduces the wonders of performing arts to children ages 3 and up through monthly presentations. Contact.


Non-Profit Work


Science and Engineering


Youth and Education


Other Resources

  • Community-Based Learning - Provides programs, guidance, and support to bridge the gap between academics and service. Contact.
  • Dartmouth Center for Service - Supervises undergraduate volunteers who work to meet community-defined needs through student-led service programs. Contact.

Last Updated: 7/29/15